Charles Chikhani’s Rose
, March 21st 2009
On the occasion of Mothers Day –March 21st 2009- the Charles Chikhani Foundation, has launched for the second consecutive year its campaign “Charles Chikhani’s Rose”.

The idea of the campaign - result of Charles’ friends desire to support his Mother on that painful day- was launched for the 1st time on March 21st, 2008 and included a TV and radio spot, addressing all Lebanese mothers and particularly the victims’ mothers. The message delivered was simple. A cry from the heart to all mothers: “You worry for your children and we worry for you”. On that specific day, thirty volunteers wearing white shirts grooved the Lebanese land to express their solidarity to the families of bombing victims, offering them a white rose.

This year “Charles’ Rose” visited the SOS villages where children expressed gratitude to their mothers with a white rose bearing Charles Chikhani’s name. On March 21st, 2009 groups of 4 to 5 volunteers from Charles Chikhani Foundation carried these roses to the SOS villages of Bhersaf (15h), Sferai (11h), Kfarhay (11h) et Ksarnaba (11h) along with cuttings of roses that were planted by the volunteers and the children of S.O.S villages in a ground of 4x4.