Charles Chikhani was born on November 27th, 1978 in Beirut, Lebanon to his father Samir Antoine Chikhani and his mother Noha Emile Azar. He was the eldest of 3 children. With brother Marc and Lea the youngest.

Charles went to primary school at the College Des Soeurs Des Saints Coeurs in Ain Najem, then at the College Saint Joseph Antoura. He then finished his secondary school at the College Des Soeurs Du Rosaire in Mansouriet-El-Metn, where he obtained the French Baccalaureat in Literature, Option Mathemathiques, in the June 1998 session. (His Philosophy grade at the Baccalaureat was 17/20, reflecting the broad culture he possessed.)
He completed his university studies at USEK, obtaining a Bachelor of Finance in 2001.

Since his teenage years he undertook all sorts of social activities, ranging from boy scout to personal tutor, he always extended a helping hand out for those in need…
At the age of 18, along with his studies, he started working to earn some pocket money. Between the ages of 22 to 24, he worked for various companies so as to acquire work experience.

In October 2003, he joined CERAM de Sophia Antipolis-France, one of the most prestigious business schools, based in the heart of the biggest European Technopole. He graduated with a Master in New Financial Technologies of Information and Communication (NTIC).
Wanting to join his brother and being as inquisitive as he was, he did an exchange semester at Concordia Business School-Montreal, Canada.

In October 2005, he came back to Lebanon and started hunting for the job suiting his profile; he was hired by the multinational “Integration Marketing and Communication,” that shut down operations in Lebanon following the Lebanese-Israeli war during the summer of 2006. He refused to be transferred to the team in Cyprus because he wished to stay in Lebanon.

In September 2006, he started working for GDS-GlobalCom Data Services. After completing his 3 months trial period, he was confirmed as Financial Manager.

On the evening of September 19th, 2007, in Sin el Fil, as he was going back home from the office at around 5.10 pm, he was hit by a bomb targeting MP Antoine Ghanem. Charles was killed on the spot.

A happy childhood, a glimmering intelligence (highest IQ amongst more than 3000 students at his school Antoura, before reaching high school), and brilliant studies & track record, summarise Charles Chikhani.

We will always remember his beautiful smile, his affability, his friendly character and his love for peace, arts, culture and social work.